iOS 13 Beta 7 and Public Beta 6 shown off on video again (Video)

iOS 13 Beta 7

Apple released their iOS 13 Beta 7 last week and also their iOS 13 Public Beta 6, basically the same software.

We have already seen a number of videos of the software, this has included some speed tests, battery life tests and more. Now we have another video from Zollotech which gives us a good look at the latest beta of Apple’s iOS.

Apple’s iOS 13 will bring a wide range of new features to the iPhone and iPad, Apple is releasing iPadOS which is basically an iPad specific version of iOS 13 with some iPad specific features.

The launch of iOS 13 will include the removal of the iTunes app which is being replaced by Apple TV, Apple Music and Apple Podcasts.

There are also major changes to Siri, Apple Maps, Photos, Car Play and more, Apple is also launching a new Sing in with App;e feature which will allow you to sign into website and apps with your Apple ID.

Apple are expected to release their new iOS 13 software some time next month along with their new iPhone 11 handsets, we are expecting Apple to announce them on the 10th of September.

Source Image Credit: Zollotech

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