Kingdom Come Deliverance Ultimate Immersion Photorealistic mod demonstrated

 Kingdom Come Deliverance

Players of the awesome mediaeval, action, role-playing adventure game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Maybe interested in a new demonstration of the Kingdom Come Deliverance Ultimate Immersion Photorealistic mod which takes the games lighting to the next level to provide even more immersion. Check out the demonstration real below to learn more about the effects you can enjoy from the PC mod.

“This is my brand new ENB for Kingdom Come: Deliverance with it I’m leaning as much towards realism as possible with a touch of cinematic effect. Even though KCD ENB binaries are not as advanced yet I’ll keep following the updates and improve it. It is perfect for either gameplay, cinematic recordings or screenshots. Be sure to turn ‘shader settings’ on ultra in ‘advanced graphic’ settings, otherwise ENB won’t work. I recommend using all settings on ultra high for best results.”

The story of Kingdom Come: Deliverance single player game which launched back in February 2018, takes place during a war in Bohemia in 1403. The game features branching quest lines and an open world environment which encourages immersive gameplay, and includes early 15th century period-accurate weapons, clothing, combat techniques, and architecture recreated with the assistance of architects and historians.

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