Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience part two adds Olympus Coliseum

When the Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience arrived earlier this year, it was missing some levels. Naturally, fans of the franchise want more. No worries, Disney and Square Enix are rolling out the experience’s second part, which turns more worlds from the series into a virtual nostalgia trip, including Hercules’ Olympus Coliseum.

This part is still free like the first part was, and it will hit the PSVR on July 24th in the US and July 25th in Japan. That’s just a few days from now, so you won’t have long to wait. We don’t yet know how many scenarios this update is adding to the experience, but it comes with motion control support so you can slash with your controllers.

You can get the DLC from the PlayStation Store when it comes out next week. This is something that fans have been eagerly waiting for since those levels have been missing from the first part. The popular series has a large following and it looks like that following is expanding if recent sales are any indication.

You can get this second part on July 24th in the US like I said and then the next day in Japan. Have fun.

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