Korg Switch app updated with Genesis and Taito game sounds

Genesis and Taito game sounds

A collaboration between ‘SEGA’ and ‘TAITO’ has made available both the rhythm sound generator gadget ‘Otorii’ (which uses samples of music based on 80s SEGA arcade games) and Synthesizer gadget ‘Ebina’ with sound recorded based on FM sounds. Together with the already implemented Bandai Namco sound system ‘Kamata’, will allow for you to experience and enjoy “truly inspiring sound”.

KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch will be available to purchase through the official Nintendo eShop from July 11th onwards. Check out the video below to learn more about the Korg Switch app and its latest features rolled out in version 3.0.

“Drums, sound effects and voice recordings from 7 popular 80s arcade games including titles such as ‘Outrun’, ‘Space Harrier’, ‘Rent a hero’ from Genesis. It is also possible to edit the pad assignment according to your personal taste, allowing you to create your own drum kit from an assortment of samples from various titles. Samples of the FM sound have been taken from 6 titles including Darius, Ninja Warriors, Night striker, and the arcade game sound has been revived as best as possible. The Detune and Delay parameters are available by layering multiple FM channels. The detune and delay that is so vital to creating Taito sound can be used easily. ”

KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch version 3.0 new features :

– Added contents for Otorii / Ebina gadgets
– Can include room comments in internet multiplay.
– Other improvements and bug-fixes.

More details jump over to the official Korg website.

Source: Korg

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