Limodo Window Wizard smart window cleaning robot from $240

Protect yourself and family from potentially harmful dust particles and allergens! These collect on windows even when they look clean. Daily window cleaning is a must. Cleaning large windows and mirrors is never much fun, and can be a very time-consuming chore that most of us would rather not do. To help remove the chore of keeping your windows clean the development team at Limodo Technologies has created a smart window cleaning robot aptly named the Limodo Window Wizard.

Features of the Limodo Window Wizard include a smart path detection system, powerful suction, edge-to-edge detection, low noise output, 30 minute backup battery and the companies Hook anti-fall system. The window cleaning robot also comes with its own companion smartphone application, supporting both Android and iOS devices. Enabling you to control the robot remotely and receive updates and notifications directly to your smartphone.

“We all spend far too much time cleaning windows in our home. Since we’re not professional window cleaners, we end up streaking the window, using too much product, and potentially endangering ourselves to reach unsafe locations. Not to mention we miss out on doing the things we love!” The Window Wizard offers a smart window cleaning system specifically designed to make your windows cleaning routine less exhausting and help perfectly shine your windows without any nasty streaks.

The Window Wizard has launched this week via Indiegogo and is now available to back with early bird pledges starting from $240 or £196. Offering a considerable 40% saving off the recommended price of $399 or £326 which will take effect once the crowdfunding campaign comes to an end. But don’t delay as the first special offer is only available to the first 25 backers after which the price increases to $295 or £241. Worldwide shipping is available and expected to take place in a few months time during November 2019. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Window Wizard window cleaning robot that can help you easily keep your windows clean from harmful dust particles and allergens that can collect on your windows, says Limodo.

The powerful suction system of the window cleaning robot keeps the Wizard firmly pressed to your window panes allowing it to spotlessly clean and shine. Thanks to the powerful suction technology that generates an internal vacuum the Window Wizard stays firmly in place, like magic. The Window Wizard robot also allows you to use your favourite cleaning products and the smart control system will work autonomously while you carry out more important tasks as your windows cleaned.

The edge-to-edge detection system allows the cleaning robot to reach every corner of your window panes, especially the hard to reach areas normally missed, making sure they are all immaculately clean allowing you to view the outside world without the grime of life interrupting the view.

The smart path detection system allows the robot to follow your path or plan, directly from the smartphone application. Providing users with complete control over the robot and pin point control thanks to explicit directions from you, however large the window may be. The engineers and development team at Limodo Technologies explain a little more about the inspiration behind the Limodo Window Wizard window cleaning robot and its design.

“How many of us have endangered ourselves trying to clean windows in attics, above sea level, etc.? With the Limodo Window Wizard, using its powerful suction technology, this smart cleaner can reach hard-to-reach spots while you relax after a long day of work. Plus, you can use it as many times as you want in any given period, especially if you are expecting guests or company. “

Equipped with a rechargeable battery the Window Wizard can be used on Windows where a wall socket may not be available and thanks to its 30 minute backup battery you can be assured that the robot will not shutdown or fail to complete its programmed cleaning path.

While the Window Wizard is busy cleaning your windows, it goes about its tasks with very little noise allowing you to make calls, read or enjoy a little uninterrupted downtime. And thanks to the added precaution of the Hook Anti-Fall System you can relax in peace, knowing that the robot will stay in place even if left to its own devices during the day or while you are out.

Limodo Technologies has taken to Indiegogo to raise the funds required to make the jump from concept into production and secure the minimum order quantities required. With pledges from backers securing limited time special offer prices, large-scale production of the Limodo Window Wizard can become a reality. During the crowdfunding campaign three pledge options are available “The Super First Comers” (25 units) at just $240 or £196, “The Super Early Bird” from $295 or £241 (600 units available) and “The Early Bird” priced at $320 or £261 with shipping available on all pledges to many international locations.


Features of the Limodo Window Wizard include :

– Path detection system
– Powerful suction system
– Edge detection system
– App and remote controlled
– Lower Noise
– 30min battery backup
– Hook anti fall system

Specifications of the Limodo Window Wizard window cleaning robot include :

– Average Power: 75W
– Suction Power: 2800Pa
– Adapter Input: 100-230V 50/60HZ 2A (Please check your local power specifications)
– Adapter Output: DC24V 3.75A
– Cleaning Speed: 2.5Min/Sqm
– Noise Level: 65 dB
– Backup Battery Type: 14.4V/650mAh Li-ion
– Backup Battery Charging Time: 2H
– Backup Battery Working Time: 30Min
– Dimension: 250 x 250 x 85MM

Source: Indiegogo

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