LunchEAZE portable self-heating lunchbox

LunchEAZE portable self-heating lunchbox

LunchEAZE As a new cordless, portable self heating lunchbox that allows you to pack your food set a mealtime and enjoy hot food any time wherever you may be. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the self heating lunchbox and its companion application.

“The key feature of LunchEAZE is the automatic self-heating. You tell LunchEAZE when you’d like to eat, and it’ll have your food hot and ready by then, automatically. No cords, no hassle, just hot food- anywhere, anytime. LunchEAZE is a completely cordless, self-heated lunchbox that automatically heats your food anywhere you are, according to your schedule. “

– Pack your food in the removable food container. Even frozen meals will heat up just fine.
– Use the mobile app to input a meal time (or skip the app and use the on-device buttons)
– Forget about it, LunchEAZE will automatically heat your food, and it’ll be ready when your mealtime comes around. No cords, no hassle.

LunchEAZE Is now available to back with earlybird pledges available from $99 with shipping throughout the United States expected to start during May 2019. For more details and a complete list of all available page options and stretch goals visit the official Kickstarter project page.

Source: Kickstarter

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