Lyft offering free EV charging for Portland drivers

It looks like Lyft found a unique way to recruit some more EV drivers: by letting them top off their cars for free. The ridesharing service has teamed up with Portland General Electric to offer free EV charging in the Oregon city’s metro area to all eligible drivers starting on July 1st.

There will only be a “number of locations” that support it (like Hillsboro station for instance). It might be easier for drivers to work for Lyft knowing they won’t have to wait for recharges and spend some of their hard-earned pay though. It seems like a good idea to recruit more drivers.

This free charging comes not long after Lyft outlined plans to go carbon neutral, and it also fits in with the company’s overall goals of reducing its environmental impact. Still, it probably won’t have a dramatic effect for a while. EVs are still on the expensive side after all, so at first, this will mostly affect drivers who treat Lyft as a part-time job instead of their primary job.

What do you think? Will this new incentive help Lyft recruit more drivers and keep the ones that they have happier? I guess we will find out.

Source Engadget

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