LynQ Long Range Tracker Helps You Locate Those Important

LynQ Long Range Tracker

Even though it is possible to track friends and family using smartphones, connectivity, reception and even hardware failure can cause applications and tracking to fail. To correct this problem and provide a reliable solution the development team at LynQ have created the world’s most advanced long-range tracker which is now available to back via Indiegogo. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about LynQ and what you can expect from the long-range tracker and its embedded technology.

LynQ requires no Wi-Fi, cellular network map or applications to function and includes a battery that is capable of running the device for three days on a single charge. Once purchased no monthly subscription is required and the devices capable of providing real-time tracking for up to 12 people over a range of 3 miles.

Encased in a weatherproof, waterproof and military tested outer enclosure the LynQ offers a rugged solution that can be used to locate friends and family even in the harshest terrains. “Forget navigating complicated maps and dropping pins. Real-time display shows the distance direction of every group member at all times. Give your people the freedom to roam with assurance they’ll find their way home, or set a boundary to know if young kinds or those with special needs or Alzheimer’s leave your area.”

For more information and full specifications on the long-range tracker as well as a full list of all available pledges which start from $79 jump over to the official crowdfunding campaign page on the Indiegogo website. If all goes well with manufacturing worldwide shipping is expected to take place during November 2018.

Source: Indiegogo :  LQ

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