Mercedes Vision URBANETIC Is A Flexible Self Driving Concept (Video)

Mercedes Vision URBANETIC

Mercedes Benz has show of their new self driving platform, the Mercedes Vision URBANETIC  which is designed to be a flexible platform that can change.

The Mercedes Vision URBANETIC can be used as a cargo platform or for transporting people, have a look at the video below.

As part of a holistic system solution, Vision URBANETIC addresses future urban challenges and offers innovative solutions. The visionary concept is based on a self-driving, electrically powered chassis that can take different switchable bodies for people moving or goods transport. As a ride-sharing vehicle, Vision URBANETIC can accommodate up to twelve passengers, while the cargo module can carry up to ten EPAL pallets. A load space 3.70 metres long fits into a total vehicle length of 5.14 metres. Plus, the concept incorporates an IT infrastructure that analyses in real time the supply and demand within a defined area. The result is a self-driving fleet, with routes planned flexibly and efficiently on the basis of current transportation needs. All of this makes Vision URBANETIC a groundbreaking concept for future urban mobility.

It certainly looks like an interesting concept, you can find out more details about the Mercedes Vision URBANETIC over at Mercedes at the link below.

Source Mercedes Benz

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