MIDI Router Control Center a modern reinvention of the MIDI router


Musicians may be interested in a new modern reinvention of the MIDI which is launched via Kickstarter this month and been created by Conductive Labs. The MRCC, MIDI Router Control Center is now available to back via Kickstarter with earlybird pledges available from $299 or roughly £243, with worldwide delivery expected to take place during February 2020. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the latest creation from Conductive Labs following on their from their successful campaign back last year.


The team at Conductive Lamps explain a little more about the software side of the MRCC.

“MRCC is routing MIDI with no issues, from any of the inputs and outputs including USB host and PC. We’ll be demonstrating this at Knobcon 8 in Chicago this week! There’s a functioning MIDI status screen, and some filters are implemented as a proof of concept. There’s still work to be done to optimize the user experience with navigation on the display. We want a tight relationship between the button presses and what’s reflected on the display so you will see exactly what information you need when you need it. Now that we have the new prototypes, this work can begin. After that, implementing configurable MIDI filters, MIDI effects and we have some really cool ideas for MIDI diagnostics features.”

Technical specifications of the MIDI Router Control Center include :

– I/O – 11 in x 21 out routable and filtered MIDI ports
– Message filters – clock, note on/off, CC, prog change, Stop/Start/Continue
– Mappings – velocity scaling, channel, 16 PC virtual cables
– Tools – save/load presets, MIDI routing tests for all ports and channels, Visual MIDI monitors
– And more – MIDI CC control for MRCC, CV Clock Out, CC LFOs, “Light Show” mode algorithmic MIDI note modifiers. Details to follow as development progresses.
– The OLED screen, navigation buttons and encoder are intended to “future proof“ the MRCC. We will monitor the MIDI 2.0 spec, and as features are adopted by the industry we wish to provide FW updates where possible.

For more details and to make a pledge to be one of the first backers to enjoy using the MRCC jump over to the official Kickstarter project page by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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