Minecraft Sells Over 176 Million Copies

Minecraft has been doing very well for itself for a long time now. It is still selling a huge number of copies around the world. Microsoft has now released the latest sales figures for the title. Over 176 million copies of Minecraft have been sold across the globe, according to Microsoft.

That’s an impressive leap over the number that was released just seven months back. Microsoft had confirmed then that it had sold 156 million copies of the game globally. Part of the reason why Minecraft has continued to see interest from customers is because of the updates and improvements that it has made to the game.

There has been a free browser version of the game, an online co-op version, and even an augmented reality version that’s called Minecraft Earth. This game just keeps selling. Microsoft also revealed that more than 200 million registered users have been counted for the China edition while more than 130 million Minecraft Hour of Code sessions have been completed.

These figures will continue to rise I’m sure. Especially with the augmented reality-focused Minecraft Earth. It has the potential to take this popular franchise to new heights and attract many new players. Minecraft is far from finished yet.

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