Mockingbird Eurorack fourier synthesis engine


AuroranSound the company created by Marcus LaGrone to bring his “love of music and electronics to life”, has launched the new Mockingbird Eurorack compatible Fourier synthesis engine offering 10 harmonics, dual outputs and multiple CV inputs. Check out the introductory video below to learn more about the Mockingbird and its features and capabilities.

Launched via Kickstarter this month early bird pledges are now available from $499 and delivery throughout the United States is expected to commence in a few months time during December 2019. Mockingbird is not a complete plug-and-play system; to begin creating sounds, you’ll need at the very minimum:

– Power supply with +/- 12 V and +5 V
– Keyboard
– Midi-to-CV module, keyboard capable of CV output, or CV sequencer
– Voltage controlled amplifier (VCA).

“Mockingbird is a Eurorack-compatible oscillator that serves as the basis for a Fourier synthesis engine. It supports the industry standard one-octave-per-volt (1/V) pitch input over a range of 0-8 V. A selection switch on the left of the module’s panel provides for an additional adjustment of +/- 2 octaves.”

“Mockingbird has one control voltage (CV) pitch in and two sets of outputs. Each output set consists of 10 harmonics of the chosen input pitch, with the ability of the user to mix the outputs simply by adjusting the “Mix” slider up and down. The 2nd channel of sliders may be controlled with CV inputs on each harmonic, and both sets of outputs and the Mix channel has its own CV control.“

“When given an external 0-5 V input, the Mix slider allows the user to fade between the two sets of outputs in real time. Additionally, any input between 0 and 5 volts, whether it be from an ADSR, a sequencer gate, or modulation signal, Mockingbird can crunch it to produce new, interesting sounds. Detune the slider sets from each other to make a fat, bulky drone, or isolate just one harmonic. Mockingbird allows you to quickly sculpt a unique sound with incredible control.”

Source: Kickstarter

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