Mona Personal Shopper App Unveiled (video)

Mona personal shopper app

A small team of former Amazon employees have created a new smartphone application called Mona, that has been designed to provide users with a personal shopper in their pocket or handbag.

Personal shopper apps are not a new market and a number of existing apps are already available that recommend new products or highlight popular trends. However Mona works on your behalf using what the company calls “Missions”

Missions are used by the Mona personal shopper app to track down those deals and promotions that have been set by its user, entering an array of criteria based on product, style price and more.

For example as searching for that elusive designer handbag, or alerting you when a special pair of shoes is available at a sale price. The company behind Mona was started last year by Orkun Atik who previously held a senior Product manager position at Amazon. The Mona website reads :

Your style, your size, your brands, your budget. Mona brings you the items that match both you and your interests. Various factors work together to ensure that each item is worth your time.

Start a Mission for your specific shopping goal and Mona will keep you up to date on exactly the things you’re looking for. She will continuously search and track items, specific to you and your unique goals.

For more information on the new Mona personal shopper app jump over to the official website for details via the link below and to sign-up for early access.

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