MONKII 360 4 minute resistance training system passes $460,000 via Kickstarter


With still 55 days remaining on its Kickstarter campaign the new MONKII 360 hyper-efficient fitness and workout device has blasted past $460,000 an funding, thanks to over 2,000 backers. Designed to provide the four-minute Tabata workout the MONKII 360 comes complete with a smartphone companion application and over 50 days of premium training included in pledges from $149.

“Whether you’re a traveler, entrepreneur, busy mom, corporate slave, lifehacker or just a gym-hater, MONKII 360 will help you efficiently build muscle, strengthen your core, lose weight, and free you to do more of what you love. Using a science-backed training philosophy based on the Tabata Protocol, you’ll train in short, intense 20 second bursts. This supercharges your V02 max and engages the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.”


There is a range of different bungees available depending on the workout you would like to carry out including cardio, core, hybrid, starter and tactical. For more information on the latest fitness device to launch on Kickstarter jump over to the official project page by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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