My Social Account Got Hacked! How Did They Manage To Get Into My Account?

There are plenty of methods a hacker can use to get access to your social media accounts. Some of the most common, and the best way to prevent them, are:

My Social Account Got Hacked

  • Brute Force Attacks

In a brute force attack, a hacker will use a specialized application to try hundreds of passwords a second, and see if any of them work.

They will start by trying the most common passwords, which are (believe it or not) ‘password’ and ‘123456’. The best defense against this kind of attack is to choose a strong password.

  • Malware

Another common way for someone to get your details is to trick you into loading malware onto your device. Malware comes in many forms, and the best prevention against it is to ensure that you anti-virus software is up to date.

  • Phishing

Phishing is probably the oldest form of cyber attack. In this type of attack, a hacker will set up a fake website, and then encourage you to enter your details into it.

Avoiding tricks like this can be difficult, especially if a hacker is skilled at setting up fake sites. The best prevention is to educate yourself about what a phishing attack looks like, and never enter any information into a site that looks suspicious.

  • Man in the Middle Attacks

A man in the middle attack is a slightly more complex form of attack. A hacker will intercept the information you are exchanging with a social media site, and steal it when it is in transit.

This kind of attack can be prevented by encrypting the data you send and receive online. This means that a hacker will not be able to read your data, even if they intercept it, and will not be able to steal it.

Encrypting your internet connection is easy. Getting a VPN is the best way of doing that, and also has the other advantage of keeping you anonymous online, so you will not be a target for hackers.

  • Public WiFi

More generally, you should know that public WiFi networks, such as those in airports or coffee shops, are typically very insecure. The people who own and run these networks often don’t know the first thing about cyber security, and as such most cyber attacks take place over public WiFi.

For this reason, you should avoid using public WiFi networks whenever possible, and if you have to you should be aware of the best ways to improve your public WiFi security.

That includes never logging in to your social media accounts on public WiFi, and never ever sending personal information over them. You should also, if you haven’t already, install a VPN on all your devices. A VPN will encrypt all of your data before it is sent over a public WiFi network or any other network, and stop it being stolen.

  • How To Avoid It From Happening Again

A quality VPN like PureVPN protects you against your social media accounts being hacked in several key ways. PureVPN use military-grade encryption to hide everything you do online from hackers and government surveillance agencies. This encryption is enough to defeat many kinds of cyber attack, because even a hacker manages to intercept your information, they will not be able to read it.


PureVPN also protects you against man in the middle attacks, because it allows you to hide your true location. This keeps you anonymous online, and so no-one will be able to target you. And because PureVPN maintains its own DNS servers, it significantly reduces the chances of you falling victim to IP Spoofing and man in the middle attacks.

You should never use public WiFi to send personal information or login to your social media accounts. Unless, that is, you are using a VPN. Even then, sometimes your VPN connection may drop out, exposing your information to hackers and surveillance agencies. That’s why PureVPN also has a VPN Kill Switch, which will stop all internet traffic to and from your device in the event that your secure connection goes down.

In short: we’re sorry to hear that your account has been hacked, but it’s easy to protect yourself for the future. Choose a strong password, run regular malware checks, and don’t click on any links that seem suspicious.

Above all, please use a VPN like PureVPN. If you encrypt your data, no-one will be able to steal it.

If you take all these preventative measures, you will significantly cut down the chances of your account being hacked in the future.

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