New Brydge 10.2-inch aluminium iPad keyboard case launches for $130

Brydge iPad Keyboard

Tablet keyboard maker Brydge has unveiled their latest creation for the new 10.2-inch Apple iPad unveiled last week during Apple’s press conference. During which Apple also announced the new Watch 5 and the highly anticipated iPhone 11 range of smartphones, available to purchase from tomorrow.

Constructed from aluminium the robust, lightweight iPad keyboard cases are equipped with backlit keys and dedicated iOS function keys providing quick shortcuts to specific iOS commands. A single charge will keep the keyboard functioning for 12 months.

“Versatile viewing angles from 0-180° through a strong patented hinge. Set your desired angle for high productivity and comfort. Enjoy movies, games and apps with ease. Also easily connect or remove your iPad Pro to change from laptop to tablet in seconds.”

Brydge iPad Keyboard

“Thin, light, and strong. The Brydge 10.5 combines beauty, strength, and the premium slim design you expect. Designed with the same width and height dimensions as the iPad Pro (1st Gen), you’ll experience a seamless integration of size, texture, and color. It will create an amazingly lightweight and powerful productivity device.”

The new Brydge 10.5 Series II iPad keyboard Is now available to purchase priced at $130 and features include :

– Support for 10.5-inch iPad Pro (2019)
– Wireless Keyboard icon Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
– Lightweight Aluminium Body icon Lightweight Aluminium Body
– 0-180° Viewing Angle icon 0-180° Viewing Angles
– Backlit Keys icon Adjustable Backlit Keys
– Dedicated ios keys icon Dedicated iOS Keys
– Battery icon 12-Month Battery Life Per Charge 

Source: Byrdge

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