New Google Glass lasts longer and runs on Android

Google’s new version of Glass is for workers, not the average joe. This is the third generation of Google Glass. Google has introduced Glass Enterprise Edition 2 eyewear. It mostly sticks to the familiar formula on the outside but inside is a different story.

It is more powerful in hardware and software and “built on Android”. This means that it will be easier for developers to write Glass-friendly apps. The new version runs on Qualcomm’s headset-oriented Snapdragon XR1 processor. So you will get faster performance, as significant power savings, for longer battery life. So you will be able to wear Glass longer. There’s a USB-C port that can charge it faster. It also brings improved camera quality for video streaming.

Warehouse workers and others in dangerous situations will also be happy to hear that Google has teamed with Smith Optics for Glass-ready safety frames for a variety of work conditions.

No info yet on pricing just yet. While you won’t see these on the street, they are designed to be used in work environments so you might see them at your job. When we get more news on this new and improved version of Google Glass we will let you know.

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