New Google Pixel Stand wireless charger and dock $79

New Google Pixel Stand wireless charger and dock

To coincide with the launch of the new Google Pixel 3 smartphone range, Google has also created a new Pixel 3 wireless charger and dock in the form of the new Google Pixel Stand. The Pixel Stand supports up to 10W charges with your Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL And is also capable of charging any other Qi-compatible smartphone if desired. Although the Google Assistant-powered experiences will only function with the latest Pixel smartphones.

As soon as you dock the new Google Pixel 3 smartphone the screens user interface changes to provide a more visual appearance which can be seen across the room. The design also keeps your smartphone upright allowing you to easily access functions such as alarms, messages, calendars and media. Google has equipped the wireless charger with fast charge technology and can wirelessly charge new device while still providing access to Google Assistant.

Pixel Stand wireless charger

“Morning sunshine. – Rise and shine with ambient lighting that mimics the sunrise—just before your alarm goes off. Jump-start your day. – Start your morning with your schedule, traffic info, and all the latest news, personalized just for you.2 . Get ready for bed. – Pixel Stand automatically turns on Do Not Disturb, to help you disconnect and get ready for a good night’s sleep.”

For more details, full specifications and purchasing options jump over to the official Google website by following the link below where the Google Pixel Stand is now available to purchase priced at $79 or £69 and includes free delivery.

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