New Microsoft Office icons created to reflect cloud technology

New Microsoft Office icons created to reflect cloud technology

Microsoft has today unveiled new redesigned Microsoft Office icons, which have been freshened up to reflect its move to the cloud. Watch the video below to learn more about the Microsoft Office icon redesign which is the first since 2013.

Jon Friedman Head of Microsoft Office design explains more about the inspiration behind the new Office icons. “Over 1 billion people from vastly different industries, geographies, and generations use Office. They work on different platforms and devices and in environments that are faster, more distracting, and more connected than ever before.”

“As Design becomes the heart and soul of Office, we’ve evolved our visual identity to reflect the simple, powerful, and intelligent experiences of Office 365. To support this changing world of work, Office is transforming into a collaborative suite that lets you work together in real-time from almost any device. We’ve infused our tools with powerful AI: you can get insights from data with less effort, write a paper using your voice, or make your resume using LinkedIn insights. We’ve also added totally new apps to the suite like our AI-powered meetings and chat service, Microsoft Teams. In the end, it’s great design that makes these experiences fluid and seamless.”

What are your thoughts on the newly redesigned Microsoft Office icons?

Source: Microsoft Design

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