New Olloclip iPhone 11 camera lens system launched

iphone camera lens

Olloclip has released a new external camera lens system for the latest iPhone 11 smartphone this week improving the camera system even further with the option for smartphone photographers to use telephoto, fish eye, and macro lenses if desired.

“The Olloclip iPhone11 Pro Max ElitePack includes an iPhone 11 Pro Max Clip, along with our Pocket Telephoto 2X Essential lens, our Fisheye + Macro 15X Essential 2-in-1 lens, our BSR Bluetooth Shutter Release, and our Microfiber Bag. Our Pocket Telephoto has been engineered specifically for the newest phones on the market, and our Fisheye/Macro combo gives you proven performance for super-wide-angle and extreme close-up photography. All of our clips and lenses have been designed to work together, and are interchangeable with most earlier model clips.”


Features of the iPhone 11 Olloclip camera lens system include :

– Works with caseless iPhone.
– Works with Olloclip Charcoal Case or Classic Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max.
– Screen protector compatible.
– All Olloclip lenses work with all of our clips.
– Multi-element coated glass optics deliver premium image quality.
– Our patented lens system attaches and aligns instantly.
– Aligns with front and rear-facing cameras.
– Works with most camera apps.
– Does not work with any other phone case.
– Not compatible with flash.

POCKET TELEPHOTO 2X ESSENTIAL LENS – Our newest Telephoto lens delivers the same quality as our Pro 2X Telephoto but in a smaller form factor to enhance mobility and storage. Olloclip Telephoto lenses allow more light gathering capability and a larger usable image area to enhance your mobile camera’s perspective

FISHEYE + MACRO 15X ESSENTIAL 2-IN-1 COMBO LENS – Two lenses in one. Fisheye: Our unique design provides a unique, 180° spherical effect to capture everything around you with the Fisheye. Use this for action sports videos, creative portraits, emphasising unique architecture or landscapes.

FISHEYE + MACRO 15X ESSENTIAL 2-IN-1 COMBO LENS – Two lenses in one. Macro 15X: Unscrew that lens and reveal the Macro 15X below which turns your camera into a microscope for the ultimate close-up. Use this for a sharp focus on small subjects with a blurry “bokeh” background effect, discovering fine textures and intricate details in jewellery or coins, or for any close-up work.

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