New Raspberry Pi buffer board helps protect your Pi while experimenting

Raspberry Pi buffer board

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts may be interested in a new piece of hardware in the form of the Raspberry Pi buffer board created by Elektor Labs and made available via the GroupGets website. The buffer board has been designed to mitigate issues that might arise when you connect a variety of external hardware to the GPIO port of your Raspberry Pi.

“When you experiment with the Raspberry Pi on a regular basis and you connect a variety of external hardware to the GPIO port via the header you may well have caused some damage in the past. A voltage that’s too high, or an electrostatic discharge blows up the port and you can say goodbye to your cherished credit-card-sized computer. The Raspberry Pi buffer board prevents all this!”

For more details and to purchase one of the Raspberry Pi buffer boards for $22 plus shipping jump over to the official GroupGets website for more details. A minimum of 100 backers are required to hit the 100 unit target to make sure that the Raspberry Pi buffer board makes the jump into production. Its creators Elektor explain little more. “This board must be produced in sufficient quantities to achieve a viable price level. If it is more expensive than a Raspberry Pi, there is no point”.

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Source : GroupGets

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