New Sonos “Flex” speaker rental scheme trails start

Sonos Flex

It has been revealed this week that Sonos has started trialling a new subscription service called Flex, allowing customers to rent out its speakers for a monthly fee. Currently the trial is only available to 500 homes in the Netherlands, but you can expect Sonos to start rolling out the service further afield If all goes well.

Currently for €15 a month the subscription service allows users to rent two Sonos One smart speakers to pair them for stereo use. Or for an extra €10 you have the ability to add a Sonos Beam soundbar that can be connected to your smart TV for enhanced audio. If your budget can stretch to €50 per month you can upgrade to a Sonos Playbar, Subwoofer, and a pair of Sonos One speakers. The Sonos subscription packages can be cancelled at any time during your subscription period if any new versions of the speakers are released so last will upgrade them for no additional cost.

“Sonos Flex is the flexible speaker subscription for brilliant sound. From 15 euros per month you enjoy the best quality, timeless design and the latest Sonos speakers with a monthly cancellation contract. Wherever you live, no matter how your house grows and whatever your needs are: we always have a solution for you.”

For more details jump over to the official Sonos website by following the link below. As soon as the Flex Sonos speaker subscription service expands its reach we will keep you up to speed as always.

Source: SFlex

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