New Sphero Bolt Robot Launched

Sphero Bolt

Sphero has announced the launch of a new robot, the Sphero Bolt and the company has said that this is their most advanced robot to date.

The Sphero Bolt comes with an 8×8 LED matrix that can be used to display data in real time and it also comes with infrared sensor which means that it can communicate with other bolt robots.

Sphero Bolt

Sphero, the leader in Connected Play, announced today the launch of its latest app-enabled robotic ball, Sphero BOLT. Building upon the company’s suite of products rooted in a commitment to education, Sphero BOLT’s capabilities empower users to dive deeper into the world of STEAM learning. In addition to the robot itself, Sphero BOLT is accompanied by the Sphero Edu app. The app provides educators, parents, and kids alike with an ecosystem to share curriculum, projects, and learnings with ease, furthering Sphero’s mission to educate consumers through the act of play. 

Sphero BOLT introduces five new features that enable even more creative learning and gameplay:

  • An animated and programmable 8×8 LED matrix that displays real-time data and graphics
  • Infrared sensors that make way for BOLT-to-BOLT communication, new games, and advanced movements
  • New Auto-Aim feature, making it easier for users to ready their BOLT through a built-in compass
  • An ambient light sensor that offers new learning opportunities through light and brightness
  • Extended battery life, enabling more than two hours of continuous play

You can find our more details about the Sphero Bolt robot over at Sphero at the link below, the device will cost £149.99.

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