Nintendo planning bendable Switch controllers

If you want more flexible controllers for the Nintendo Switch, it appears that Nintendo is looking into the possibility. The console maker recently applied for a US patent on Joy-Cons with hinges that would let the top half “bend” to provide a more ergonomic grip. This would work whether or not the controllers are attached and side sections would let you slide them on to the Switch’s rails.

Aside from the fact that the would bend, there doesn’t appear to be any changes to the functionality. The biggest change would be a flexible circuit board needed to make it a reality.

We don’t know for certain that Nintendo will implement this in the Switch or a future console, but they are looking into it. This is the American version of an international patent from February 2018. This doesn’t mean that a “pro” Switch or another revision is coming. But it does show that Nintendo is still looking for ways to refine the Joy-Con design, and it wouldn’t be completely shocking if we saw this at some point in the future.

This could make things more comfortable for some players when using the console. We will see if it ever happens for real.

Source Engadget

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