O.MG Cable is an iPhone cable that can hack your computer

O.MG Cable

A hacker who goes by the name of MG has announced that he has created a lightning cable that can be used to hack your computer, the device is called O.MG Cable.

As we can see from the photo above it looks like a standard iPhone charging cable, when plugged into your computer, it can be used to hack your computer, it features a hidden WiFi implant which lets a hacker nearby connect to it.

The device looks exactly like one of Apple’s lighting cables so it would be almost impossible to spot any difference. Once it has been plugged into your computer a hacker can connect to it remotely  and take over your computer.

“This specific Lightning cable allows for cross-platform attack payloads, and the implant I have created is easily adapted to other USB cable types,” MG said. “Apple just happens to be the most difficult to implant, so it was a good proof of capabilities.”

You can find out more details about the O.MG Cable over at MG’s website at the link below

Source MG, Motherboard, TechCrunch

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