Offensive PSN IDs Will Now Be Replaced By Sony

At last, Sony has allowed users to change PlayStation Network IDs, something that has not been possible before even though users had been asking for this for many years. Well, the company can also do more to prevent hate speech and bad behavior when it comes to PSN usernames. So it will now automatically replace PSN IDs that it finds offensive.

How will it do this? Well, Sony will be replacing the offensive PlayStation Network IDs in question with temporary placeholders. The company’s official blog says that PSN IDs that violate its terms of service will be censored and replaced by a temporary placeholder which reads “TempXXXX” with the Xs being replaced by numbers.

This isn’t a very severe punishment. There will be no outright bans since the issue is automatically taken care of.

Users who have offensive IDs will be given a temporary one and asked to change their username to something that Sony find acceptable. If you are creating a new PSN ID and choose an offensive username you will also get TempXXXX until you choose another name. The question really comes down to what Sony finds offensive. We will have to see how this works after a while.

Source Ubergizmo

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