Pepsi delivers snacks using robots

Pepsi has announced that it has rolled out the snackbot at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. The robot has one mission: to deliver snacks and beverages for college students who need them. This outdoor, self-driving robot carries snacks and beverages from Hello Goodness which is a curated portfolio of “better-for-you” brands by the company.

Pepsi is collaborating with Robby Technologies for this endeavor. This fleet of snackbots are the first robots from a major food and beverage company in the country to roll out healthier options for snacks and beverages directly to students. So this makes it easier for them to make better choices for snacking while at school.

College students often choose quick meals since they may not have time to prepare proper meals during busy schedules. Pepsi’s snackbots will include products like Baked Lay’s, Starbucks Cold Brew, Smartfood Delight, and more.

Students at the University of Pacific can place their orders from 9 am to 5 pm through the snackbot app. The robots then deliver the orders to over 50 areas across the campus which spans 175 acres. The robots can travel over 20 miles on a single charge and they have a camera so that it can see and navigate even in the darkness and when it’s raining outside.

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