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If you are interested in utilising the power of your smartphone as a laptop replacement, and benefiting from a full-sized QWERTY keyboard and larger 15.6 inch touchscreen, you may be interested in the PhoneBook. The new piece of hardware has been launched via Kickstarter and has already raised twice its required pledge goal with still 29 days remaining on the project thanks to over 130 backers. The PhoneBook is available from $149 or roughly £116 and is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

“Our competitors share our belief that a smartphone can have desktop productivity. Unlike Samsung DeX which only support a handful of their own models, PhoneBook supports all smartphones, iOS and Android. PhoneBook is also the world’s first device that empowers you to play mobile games on a big screen with keyboard and mouse. You can use WASD keys to control the direction, use the mouse to control your view. In contrast, DeX doesn’t have keyboard or mouse support for mobile games.”

Specifications of the PhoneBook include :

PhoneBook Specifications

“We may buy a new phone every 1-2 years, but rarely do we upgrade our tablet or computer that often. Since upgrade your phone also upgrade the “CPU” of PhoneBook, now your new phone equals a new “laptop”. Save your laptop/tablet budget and get the phone you love!”

To be one of the first backers to own the PhoneBook and transformed the power of your smartphone into a laptop computer jump over to the Kickstarter project page by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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