QUIST GoPro mutlitool and stand

QUIST GoPro mutlitool and stand

QUIST is a new GoPro mutlitool and stand offering eight different functions specifically designed for GoPro enthusiasts and users. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the QUIST created by a development team based in Vicenza, Italy.

Available from just €10 to super early bird backers QUIST is now available via Kickstarter and features a lens remover, micro SD card slot to help keep your extra footage safe or provide easy access to a second card when required. Other features include a carabiner, the obligatory bottle opener, screw tightener, key chain and stand.

“Developing new products carries risks, from design problems to unexpected costs. On our past campaigns we have fought againts different inconveniences and we SOLVED them! Thanks to the support of our backers we are here for our 3rd Kickstarter Campaign. In the last years our team worked hard to create a solid structure around the Dreampick brand.
We registered our trademark and we patented our products. What we need again is your help to continue developing new innovative products. Everything is ready for the production and our manufacturer team is waiting for your response. We kept our promises on our past campaigns and we are going to keep them with QUIST. “

Plenty of stretch goals, pledges and extra accessories are available via the official Kickstarter project page which is available via the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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