Raspberry Pi slow motion camera captures 660 fps

Raspberry Pi slow motion camera

If you are interested in pushing the official Raspberry Pi camera to its limits, you may be interested in a new Raspberry Pi slow motion camera project published by Robert Elder. Who explains more about the hidden abilities of the Raspberry Pi camera.

“This project will discuss the setup steps that are required for recording videos at high frame rates on cheap Raspberry Pi cameras. Frame rates up to 660FPS on the V1 camera and up to 1007 on the V2 camera can be achieved. Filming at these extremely high frame rates on a Raspberry Pi is much more challenging and involves more work than typical point and shoot photography.”

“Furthermore, the version of Raspberry Pi that was tested was a Raspberry Pi 3 model B. During the initial setup process, a Raspberry Pi V2 camera was plugged into the Raspberry Pi. After the install was completed, the camera was switched to a V1 camera which also worked without further steps, so the install steps here should cover bother camera types. The V1 camera that was tested uses the OV5647 image sensor, and the V2 camera tested uses the IMX219 sensor.”

for more details and full instructions on how to push your official Raspberry Pi camera to its limits and create your very own Raspberry Pi slow motion camera setup jump over to the Robert Elder website via the link below.

Source: Robert Elder : Hackaday

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