Riptide R1X electric skateboard $999

Riptide R1X electric skateboard

At CES 2019 this week the team over at Engadget have been able to put the new Riptide R1X electric skateboard through its paces revealing what you can expect from the latest classic size electric skateboard. The Riptide R1X electric skateboard is capable of a top speed of 22 mph or 35 kmh and is capable of carrying a rider up to 14 miles on a full charge.

Electric skateboard lights

The R1X electric skateboard is now available to purchase priced at $999 and comes equipped with the companies enhanced regenerative braking with our RX Remote mean you can come to a stop just as easily. “The R1X’s cushy 90mm 74a ABEC11 ReFly Wheels feel like snowboarding – they’re that smooth! Normally wheels this soft will chunk and wear out, but ABEC11 lent their 30 years of experience to the ReFly – their best wheel yet.”

Electric skateboard is also equipped with head and taillights designed by ShredLights, which can be set to bright, dim, or blink, depending on your riding style. “The R1X truly is our flagship, top-of-the-line model. We went all out on this one! We doubled the range and amped up the top spede by 2 mph, while still improving the comfort of the board both under your feet (our softest wheels yet) and in your hand – with the brand new RX Remote.”

Electric skateboard controller

“Our new RX controller features an oversized roller thumb wheel so you’ll have finer control of both acceleration and braking. With the RX Remote you can either make small speed adjustments or redline the acceration depending on your need. Also, brighter LEDs and larger buttons make sure you always know your speed mode and charge level.”

Riptide R1X electric skateboard

For more details on Engadget’s hands-on experience at CES 2019 jump over to the official website by following the link below. Or to purchase your very own jumper with to the official Riptide website.

Source: Engadget : Riptide

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