Samsung Project Prism offers Bespoke home appliances

Samsung Project Prism

Samsung has announced Project Prism which is a new bespoke service for their home appliances and you can design your appliances to fit into your home.

The program allows you to choose material, colors, shapes and designs of home appliances like fridges, freezers and more.

Samsung Project Prism

With the BESPOKE refrigerator, customers can customize their own configurations of material, color, sizing and other feature choices. Able to fit naturally into whatever home space the customer has available, the BESPOKE refrigerator comes in 8 sizes; 4-door freestanding, 4-door “kitchen fit”, 2-door BMF (upper refrigerator and lower freezer), 1-door refrigerator (24 inches), 1-door freezer (24 inches), 1-door kimchi refrigerator (24 inches), 1-door (alternating temperature, 18 inches) and kimchi plus.

With a BESPOKE refrigerator, customers can choose their preferred color from a 9-strong color range that includes navy blue, mint, pink and coral. Able to fit in seamlessly with any home interior styling, BESPOKE also features three different refrigerator door texture options.

You can find out more information about Samsung’s Project Prism over at Samsung at the link below, the service has launched in Samsung’s home country of Korea.

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