Sega pulls Judgment sales after voice actor’s cocaine arrest

Sega has stopped the sales of Yakuza spin-off Judgment in Japan after Pierre Taki, one of the voice actors, was arrested on suspicion of using cocaine. Taki voiced and served as the model for a yakuza named Kyohei Hamura in the game, which was released in Japan as Judge Eyes for the PS4 in December. According to The Mainichi, his urine sample tested positive for cocaine and he also later admitted to using a small amount.

So in response, Sega has issued a statement announcing that it has decided to suspend all Judge Eyes shipments and sales while it’s “confirming the facts.” Oh boy. Another company overreacting and hurting fans. How does the actor’s life affect the finished game? How do his choices affect a game players enjoyment of the game? They don’t. But Sega is a company and companies overreact and er on the side of political correctness.

But in this case, there is also the fact that Japan has incredibly strict drug laws. Universal Music Japan once stopped selling a pop duo’s music after one of them was arrested for the possession of MDMA after all. Actor Hiroki Narimiya was also replaced in the new version of Yakuza 4 after cocaine allegations. Sorry fans, sales of the game are halted.

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