Skype 50 Person Group Video Chat Out Of Beta

If you haven’t heard, Skype has been testing video calls with up to 50 people since early March. It previously supported only up to 25 callers at once. Now the tests have been completed, so the company has rolled out this functionality to the stable version of its app. So now it is possible to video chat with up to 50 users.

Skype is now in the lead in terms of the number of people you can have in one video call. FaceTime only allows you to have up to 32 participants. Now the party just got bigger.

Managing these many participants in a group video call can be tricky though. So Microsoft has improved group notifications. Prior to the update, every single person in the group would receive a ring when a call was initiated.

Now, Skype will only generally ping users with a system notification. Users can also specify the participants that are allowed to ring them. Call organizers will still be able to ring everyone if there are fewer than 25 people in the group.

If you want to try it, it is available right now. Just update the Skype app on your computer to the latest version and you are good to go.

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