Smart Instant Pot is getting Google Assistant support

The Instant Pot is a popular multicooker that can do some amazing cooking in the kitchen. There’s even a smart version with 13 programs. This device is getting even more powerful very soon. Instant Brands, the company that makes this Wi-Fi enabled appliance, has announced at CES that the Smart Instant Pot will work with the Google Assistant very soon. People are already loving this pot and now they will love it more.

Google Assistant support means that users will be able to cook with their Instant Pot using voice commands. So you can say “Hey Google, set the program on my cooker to rice,” without even being near the cooker. Google Assistant handles it for you.

Users can also monitor and control your Instant Pot from the mobile app in addition to the new functionality provided by Google Assistant that lets you control and check the status of your cooker with just voice commands.

“This collaboration with Google shows our commitment to make life a little easier for people, especially when it comes to mealtime,” Instant Brands CEO Dr. Robert Wang said. We don’t have any other details yet, but it looks like the Assistant functionality is live at this point. This should make some cooks happy.

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