Smarty launches unlimited SIM only plan in the UK

unlimited SIM only plan

UK mobile carrier Smarty has announced the launch of a new unlimited SIM only plan in the UK, this is a 30 day unlimited plan that will give you unlimited calls, texts and data.

The new Smarty unlimited SIM only plan will be available for £25 a month and the company says there will be no speed or data restriction on the plan.

At £25 per month for unlimited data, calls and texts – with no strings, no small print, no credit check, and definitely no hidden fair use policies – the new 30-day SIM-only plan is perfect for those wanting unlimited everything that’s simple and transparent.

Famous for being the only UK network that gives customers money off their next bill for any unused data, SMARTY’s Unlimited plan does exactly what it says on the tin – unlimited data.  The perfect partner for the streaming 4K resolution content on the latest smartphones, SMARTY’s Unlimited plan is the only tariff on the market that’s open to anyone and has no speed restrictions (unlike other unlimited plans, which often slow internet speeds after the first 20GB of usage)1. Tethering and personal hotspot is included as standard on the plan.

You can find out more details about the new unlimited SIM only plan from Smarty over at the company’s website at the link below.

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