SpyBye camera privacy smartphone case

SpyBye privacy smartphone case

Smartphone users searching for a little extra privacy might be interested in a new non-hackable privacy smartphone case designed by SpyBye. Launched via Kickstarter this week the SpyBye privacy smartphone case provides an easy way to keep your smartphone cameras covered when required. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more.

“It’s a sad reality that this fear is justified. It is no secret that nowadays any app is able to inject malware into your smartphone. To be worried about your phone spying on you isn’t paranoid at all. So it’s no surprise that every fourth person is afraid of being spied upon. The most common action against this is covering up cameras and microphones with tape. “

“That’s why we came up with SpyBye. We want to provide an alternative to “security apps” and create something that is more sleek than the old tape trick, but can still guarantee 100% security for your camera. With our easy to use slide mechanism, you are totally flexible to switch instantly between covering up your phone’s camera, and being able to use it without any hassle. “

Available from €19 or roughly £17 to super early bird backers the SpyBye smartphone case is now available to back with worldwide delivery expected to take place during February 2019.

Source: Kickstarter

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