Teenage Engineering rumble module for OP-Z

Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering has introduced their second hardware expansion module for the OP-Z in the form of the rumble module. Offering a built-in haptic subwoofer, using high-definition “vibrotactile feedback and psychoacoustic technology”, enabling you to feel your music. Priced at £69 the new rumble module is now available to purchase from the official Teenage Engineering’s store.

“When using rumble you will feel like you’re holding and listening to a deep sounding subwoofer. the frequency response 10 – 150 hz is designed to maximize impact while minimizing additional energy consumption. it also features a silent metronome mode, great when performing live to always know exactly where the beat is.“

The OP–Z is a multimedia synthesiser and sequencer available from £529 offering an advanced fully portable
16-track sequencer and synthesiser, with a range of both sample based and synthesis based sounds. “It’s the world’s first stand-alone sequencer of its kind, that lets you sequence music, visuals, lights and more. OP–Z can be used completely stand alone and comes with an intuitive led lit interface. when you want next level real time visual feedback, use the screen you already have in your pocket.”

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