TerraMaster F5-422 5-Bay 10GbE LAN NAS storage

Nas Storage

TerraMaster unveils new F5-422 5-Bay 10GbE LAN NAS storage system offering a variety of different backup choices :Apple Time Machine, Rsync, and Remote Backup support.The F5-422 NAS also supports third-party backup solutions, Cloud Sync Dropbox synchronisation and the  Superspeed USB3.0 interface supports external storage backup, and supported drive formats include but not limited to EXT4, EXT3, FAT, NTFS, and HFS+ to name a few.

“The F5-422’s built-in 10Gb Ethernet port provides up to 10Gb of high-speed bandwidth. With 5 Seagate IronWolf 6TB hard drives in RAID 5 mode, the device’s read and write speeds can reach 650MB/s and 670MB/s, respectively. Even without replacing the existing Cat6/6A cable’s network architecture, users can benefit from these rapid and best-in-class speeds. The device was designed with professional users in mind, including 4K video editors and users with large data and strict speed requirements.”

NAS storage features :

Enhanced Data Security with a Next-Generation File System
Superior storage technology and optimised snapshot technology are the cornerstones of the Btrfs file system, which is what TerraMaster’s F5-422 5-bay NAS unit relies on for advanced data protection, prevention of data corruption, and minimal maintenance expenses. Use of this file system promotes high data integrity, all the while promoting flexibility and efficiency in the areas of data protection and data recovery.

State-of-the-Art TOS 4.1.0 Operating System
With the most recent version of the TOS operating system, TOS 4.1.0, you can back up your data, manage your file server, and optimize your sharing services in an intuitive, simple, and user-friendly way. The operating system includes a complex of application software, with rich application content, potent multimedia services, and numerous ways to back up your data. TerraMaster TOS is constantly updated to constantly improve your NAS with more than 10+ updates to the system since the new version release.

6-Layers of Data Security
TerraMaster F5-422 features 6-layers of data security to ensure data is always protected. AES hardware encryption engine encrypts shared folders and network transmission so communications are kept private and safe from unauthorized access. BTRFS file system allows 71,680 system snapshots and 1024 shared folder snapshots. Other security measures include T-RAID array protection for your drives and multiple backup options including backing up to the cloud as well as a remove server.

A Wealth of Business Applications
TOS’s enterprise version is compatible with numerous business applications. Operating a single TNAS device offers significant benefits when compared to the use of multiple devices, including file servers, mail servers, web servers, VPN servers, DHCP servers, DNS servers, Rsync remote servers, FTP servers, and MySQL servers.

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