This Reusable Cup Can Pay For Your Coffee

Costa is one of the largest coffee chains in the United Kingdom. The company has now launched a reusable coffee cup that can pay for your coffee as well. Fill it up and let it pay for you. It’s called the “Clever Cup”. This cup has contactless payments built into it so it can be used to pay for coffee at a Costa location while you are on the go.

This may be a great solution to tackling the UK’s massive waste problem. Right now less than 1 percent of disposable coffee cups are being recycled. This could change that. The Clever Cup has a detachable contactless chip that’s powered by Barclaycard’s mobile payment technology.

The balance on the £15 cup can be topped off using Barclay’s bPay app. It can then be used to pay for beverages at Costa’s stores. The payment technology isn’t just limited to the coffee shop. You can make payments on the go with this cup anywhere contactless payments are accepted.

If you carry a cup around a lot this may work for you, but it is clearly not for everyone. Still, it may just cut down on the waste contributed by disposable coffee cups which is cool.

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