Toshiba XL-FLASH Storage Class Memory introduced

Toshiba XL-FLASH

Toshiba Memory has today introduced its new Storage Class Memory (SCM) solution XL-FLASH. The new memory is based on the company’s BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory technology with 1-bit-per-cell SLC, XL-FLASH brings low latency and high performance to data centre and enterprise storage.

XL-FLASH memory has been designed to fill the void in between S DRAM and NAND flash, bringing increased speed reduced latency and higher storage capacities at a lower cost than traditional DRAM. Toshiba will be initially rolling out the XL-FLASH memory in SSD formats but the technology could be later expanded to memory channel attached devices that sit on the DRAM bus, explains today’s press release from Toshiba.

“With XL-FLASH, we are giving hyperscalers and enterprise server/storage providers a more cost-effective, lower latency storage solution that bridges the gap between DRAM and NAND performance,” noted Scott Nelson, senior vice president and general manager of Toshiba Memory America, Inc.’s Memory Business Unit. “We’re also opening the door for emerging technologies and industry standards that will enable different form factors for low-latency flash memory solutions. SCM is the next frontier for enterprise storage, and our role as one of the world’s largest flash memory suppliers gives XL-FLASH a cost/performance edge over competing SCM solutions.”

Features of the new Toshiba XL-FLASH memory include :

– 128 gigabit (Gb) die (in a 2-die, 4-die, 8-die package)
– 4 KB page size for more efficient operating system reads and writes
– 16-plane architecture for more efficient parallelism
– Fast page read and program times. XL-FLASH provides a low read latency of less than 5 microseconds, approximately 10 times faster than existing TLC

Source: Toshiba

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