Two iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 handsets could launch this year

iPhone SE 2

We are expecting the new iPhone SE 2 to launch before the end of March, we have also heard rumors of a second version of the handset, previous rumors have suggested that the larger device would launch in 2021.

We previously heard a rumor that Apple may call the iPhone SE 2 the iPhone 8, the design of the handset is based on the iPhone 8. The second iPhone SE 2 will apparently come with a larger display, so we presume it would be called the iPhone 9 Plus.

According to a recent report, Apple is planning on launching both of these new handsets this year, the news comes in a report from Digitimes.

The latest news coming from the supply chain is that Apple is likely to add yet another LCD-based model to its iPhone lineup for 2020. This new member will be an upgraded version of the widely speculated ‌iPhone‌ SE2 featuring a 5.5- or 6.1-inch LCD display and available at the end of 2020 or in earlier 2021, said the sources.

So it looks like we could see the first of these device some time in March and then the second one later in the year, exactly when remains to be seen. It would make sense for Apple to launch two of these devices as they would end up being the most affordable handsets in Apple’s range and could encourage many iPhone owners who have older devices to upgrade.

Source Digitimes, MacRumors

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