Uber Eats Gets Rid Of Flat Delivery Fees

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In case you aren’t aware, Uber Eats is the food delivery service that the transportation company runs in dozens of markets around the world. It lets users easily have food delivered from their favorite restaurants. Customers first have to pay for the order and then there’s also a flat $4.99 delivery fee in the U.S. Sometimes you have to pay for surge pricing if it’s a really busy time.

Now Uber has decided to change the cost structure by removing the flat delivery fee. That should make it easier on the wallet.

You still have to pay a delivery fee of course. The company has been testing a price tool that applies the delivery fee on a case-by-case basis. What it costs will depend on the customer’s distance from the restaurant. The closer you are to the restaurant the cheaper it’s going to be. The delivery fee range is different in every city but it will be between $2 and $8.

Uber Eats claims that this change is a result of feedback from its customers. Uber Eats will begin using the varying fees based on the customer’s distance from the restaurant. You will see the delivery costs from restaurants in the app itself so that you know before you pay.

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