Ultimate Lens Hood 2.0 for smartphones and DSLR removes window reflections

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Photographers searching for a way to reduce reflections when taking photographs through glass either with their smartphone or DSLR. May be interested in the Ultimate Lens Hood 2.0 which has launched via Kickstarter this month and already raised over £61,000 thanks to over 2,400 backers with still 24 days remaining.

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the lens hood which is available in a range of different sizes and will stretch to fit any camera to completely remove glare and reflection from glass services. The ULHmobile as the name suggests provides a clip-on lens hood for smartphones. “The ULHmobile is the single most requested product I have been asked for on my design / crowdfunding journey so far!” says its creator.

While the ULHgo provides a solution for larger DSLR cameras.

“The ULHmini stretched to 60-65mm and the ULH would start at 60mm, but any lenses with a 52-58mm filter thread fell into an awkward gap in between – which size would be best? I was asked to make a medium version with a smaller opening and an overall smaller size that would fit a wider range of lenses in a typical camera bag and also be easier/lighter to travel with. “

Features of the ULHmobile and ULHgo :

– Fits to your lens / phone, not the glass so leaves no marks behind.
– Perfect for crowded areas. Compact, discreet and requires no setup once fitted to your lens. Duck and weave around others in even the most crowded of public viewing platforms to get the perfect shot!
– Easy to stuff into your bag or pocket when you’re finished.

Pledges are available from £12 for the mobile version or £17 for the go version.

Source: Kickstarter

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