Unlocked version of the tiny Palm smartphone launched

Palm smartphone

The Palm Smartphone has only been available from Verizon since it launched and now Palm are bringing it to more carrier with an unlocked version.

The new unlocked version of the Palm smartphone will work with most carriers, this includes Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile and more.

The same Palm you know and love, this unlocked version of Palm is equipped with the latest software updates (including camera and battery improvements) and gives you access to the entire Google Play store where you can download any app you want. Palm is constantly making software updates and improvements which will automatically get rolled out to your Palm device.

“With so many cellular options available in the U.S., we wanted our customers to be able to choose how they use and how they connect their Palm,” said Dennis Miloseski, co-founder at Palm. “We received a huge response from digital minimalists looking to just carry their essentials, families wanting to connect kids with less distraction, and athletes desiring powerful connectivity on the go, so we made Palm available to them across more mobile networks in the U.S.”

You can find out more information about the new Palm Smartphone at the link below, the device can now be pre-ordered for $349.99.

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