UP Xtreme single board mini PC hits Kickstarter from €249

UP Xtreme single board PC

As previously announced hardware manufacturer and developer UP has launched a new crowding funding campaign this week to raise the required funds needed to take their new UP Xtreme single board PC into production. Measuring just 120mm x 122mm in size the UP Xtreme mini PC has been created to provide users with a comprehensive set of features and I/O, providing astonishing performance rates of up to 4.6GHz and turbo clock frequency in just 15W. Watch the promotional video below to learn more.

The UP Xtreme single board PC is now available to back via Kickstarter with earlybird pledges starting from €249 and worldwide delivery expected to take place during September 2019. The development team responsible for creating the new single board PC explain more about its features and design.

“With UP Xtreme we have consolidated the best I/O features from previous UP boards. The 40-pin GP-bus from UP board, mPCIe M.2 expansion from UP Squared and 100-pin expansion from UP Core Plus have all been utilized. Powered by Intel 8th Core processors (code name: Whiskey Lake U), UP Xtreme is aimed at industrial, IoT, automation, robotics industries and much more.

The addition of a 12-60V power input, a lockable power connector and TSN networking chip has enabled UP Xtreme to be expandable as well as industrial. UPscaling any application that needs more CPU power, memory capacity and rich I/O’s is all possible thanks to the extreme performance of UP Xtreme. Dubbed as the ferrari of the UP family, the power of UP Xtreme goes up to 4.6 Ghz, ensuring that you’ll never have to complain of having low CPU power. You’ll also never feel that it’s not smart enough as it is capable of expanding up to 6x Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU. It boasts optional connectivity via WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE and LoRA. The possibilities are stretched to the extreme. “

Mini PC

Specifications :

– Intel 8th generation Core i7-8665UE*/ Core i5-8365UE*/ i3-8145UE/ Celeron-4305UE
– Onboard 4/8/16 GB DDR4
– 4 x USB 3.1
– 1 x USB 2.0 on pin-header
– 2x RS-232/485/422, 1x RS232 (TTL)
– 1 x SATA
– 1 x M.2 2230 E-Key for Wireless Communication
– 1 x M.2 2280 B/M Key for high speed SSD of High-Density Deep Learning Accelerators ( UP AI Core X family powered by Intel Movidius Myriad X )
– 1 x mPCIe for 4G Communication, High-Density Deep Learning Accelerators ( UP AI Core X family powered by Intel Movidius Myriad X ) or any other mPCIe expansions
– 1 x 40-pin I/O Expansion powered by Intel Altera MAX 5 with the same pinout of UP Board and UP Squared to guarantee compatibility with all the expansions
– 1 x 100-pin high-speed bus with multiple PCI-e lines for NET Plus Expansion ( 3 x Gbit LAN Intel 211/210 ) or UP AI Vision Plus X ( 3 x Myriad X )
– 2 x Gigabit LAN with Intel i219 and Intel i210 (TSN)
– STM 32 onboard for real-time control
– HMDI 2.0 with 4K support and DP with 4K support
– eDP with 4K support
– Analog Audio In/Out with ACL887
– DC In 12-60 V
– Dimensions : 120 mm x 122mm
– Operation temperature: 0-50 Celsius (°C)
– Compatible with UP Xtreme fanless chassis (132mm x 190mm x76.6mm) to operate at -20-60 Celsius (°C)

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