US Committee wants more details from Apple about FaceTime Bug

FaceTime Bug

Apple’s Group FaceTime bug has been in the news a lot over the last week, Apple has disabled the feature whilst it is working on a fix.

The bug potentially allowed you to listen into the audio of someone you were making a call to before the call connected and now a the U.S. Committee on Energy Commerce has asked Apple for more details about the issue.

They have written to Apple’S CESO Tim Cook about the bug and asked for more iformation about the bug and when it was discovered.

“While these are wonderful tools when used right, the serious privacy issue with Group FaceTime demonstrates how these devices can also become the ultimate spying machines. That is why it is critical that companies like Apple are held to the highest standards,” Pallone and Schakowsky wrote to Cook. “Your company and others must proactively ensure devices and applications protect consumer privacy, immediately act when a vulnerability is identified, and address any harm caused when you fail to meet your obligations to consumers.”

It will be interesting to see what Apple’s response is and whether the new about the big for a while before it was made public.

Source MacRumors

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