V-Coptr Falcon bi-copter camera drone offers a 50 minute flight time for $999

V-Coptr Falcon bi-copter drone

Zero Robotics has unveiled a new bi-copter drone called the V-Coptr Falcon sporting an innovative V-shaped dual-rotor propulsion system combined with “proprietary tilt rotor technology, and nonlinear dynamic modelling.” Culminating in a small drone that is capable of flying for 50 minutes on a single charge thanks to its control algorithms.

V-Coptr Falcon bi-copter drone

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the V-shaped bi-copter which is capable of capturing 4K video and has a 7km remote control range.


Video capture is provided by a 12 megapixel camera equipped with a Sony 1/2.3-inch sensor on a 3-axis gimbal hanging below the stereo cameras. 12 megapixel camera is capable of capturing up to 4K at 30 fps or 2.7K for up to 60 fps, or 1080p for up to 120 fps, which can be stored on the 8 GB internal drive or stored on a separate microSD card slot if preferred with a capacity of 256 GB.


“Offering 50 minutes of flight time, V-Coptr Falcon is the world’s first V-shaped bi-copter. Brand new V-shaped dual-rotor propulsion system combined with proprietary tilt rotor technology, and nonlinear dynamic modeling and control algorithms enable extra-long flight time. Slower rotation of the propellers and patented propeller design create lift with higher efficiency and less noise.”

“It shoots 4K video at 30fps and 12-megapixel pictures. 3-axis mechanical gimbal enables precise image quality and seamless video. Falcon also has advanced visual guidance system for obstacle avoidance and environment sensing.”

For more information on the V-Coptr Falcon bi-copter drone jump over to the official Zero Robotics website by following the link below.

Source: Zero Robotics

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