Velocifire M2 customisable mechanical keyboard $59

The development team at CBEC based in Los Angeles, California has created a new customisable mechanical keyboard called the Velocifire M2. Offering a portable wireless or wired mechanical keyboard for both Windows and Mac systems. Capable of connecting to 3 Bluetooth devices simultaneously and fitted with hot swappable switches the mechanical keyboard is designed to improve your productivity whatever you may be doing.

customisable mechanical keyboard

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the new keyboard which is available via Kickstarter from just $49 or roughly £38 to early bird backers with worldwide shipping expected to take place during March 2020. Early bird prices are only available to the first 500 backers after which the price steadily increases with demand.

“Velocifire M2 , the 1st portable customizable wireless mechanical keyboard with Mac dedicated function keys starts at $49. It is designed for typist, programmers, writers alike for premium typing experience on a phone, iPad, Macbook or laptop anywhere. It provides you a software to remap key setting, shortcuts, RGB and marcos, which can greatly improve your efficiency. It’s a real personal daily driver you should not miss. You can pair it with Up to 3 Bluetooth Devices, and save your day when your workflow jumps from device to device, no matter you are using laptop, Macbook, iPad, iPhone or Android devices.”

“You can customize 3 profiles of key setting, including remapping keys, RGB, and macro with its software. So you can tailor the keyboard settings according to your work and gaming need specifically. Example: Work Layer, Game 1 Layer, Game 2 Layer. Writer/Blogger’s Life Saver — Set right ALT to Backspace – Delete typos with your right thumb instead of moving your entire right hand away from main keyboard to reach a backspace key, just practise this with your thumb, you will love it.”

Source: Kickstarter

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