Verenitti OS Unix style operating system for gamers, creators and professionals

Verenitti Operating system

A new operating system will be launching in a few days time via Kickstarter in the form of Verenitti OS, offering a UNIX-like OS alternative to Windows 10, Linux and Mac OS. The Verenitti OS has been specifically designed for gamers, creators and professionals and will allow you to play AAA games while providing a completely private and secure operating system with complete compatibility, says its creators. Verenitti 33 has been designed specifically for laptops and includes an integrated firewall, application profiles Hybrid OS, Floating OS, Portable OS and more. Verenitti 77 has been designed for designer gaming and creators PC offering incredibly power, with specialised performance drivers.

“Verenitti is a Unix-like operating system we are developing, with a lot developed already, to allow users to have an OS they own and can use as they wish, with no forced cloud service or external identification needed. As digital code develops and the industry and government expand the possibilities, operating systems are becoming more and more unusable due to privacy concerns and bloat. Windows seems to believe it has the right to add adverts into your operating system whenever it chooses.”

The Kickstarter campaign for the Verenitti OS will be launching in a few days time on November 8th 2019 with a number of pledges available. The operating system will be available in two packages and also bundled with laptops and desktop computer pledges.

Verenitti OS. €49

This reward is based on the operating system as a download with best effort support on the forums, but you get the general release and software updates for the life time of the version. It is the first reward with an exchange and the best price we offer of all the rewards. You are also getting 20% off the normal price when purchasing through Kickstarter. We will be listing out the compatible hardware that can be used with Verenitti, but as many laptops and PC hardware will be supported as we possibly can. We already run the Alpha OS on generic laptops from the major suppliers. You can build your software load online using our website when your download is ready.

Verenitti OS + beta access. €119

This reward is based on getting the main releases and the Beta release, but it come with much more. 20% discount for pledging, as we will sell this on the website later as a package without the email address.
– Beta OS releases
– Main OS releases
– A unique Verenitti email address that only pledges will receive
– Free software updates
– Free new OS releases
– Access to the engineers and architects on the quarterly DevConf (Through DevConf you can even ask for applications to be ported natively into Verenitti, if a subscriber and a pledger! As we will have no shareholders our customers are our main point of devotion.)

Once the Kickstarter campaign launches for Verenitti OS your keep you informed.

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